Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New dinosaur species found

New dinosaur species found

New dinosaur species found, New dinosaur species found in museum. Long-ignored fossil remains in a museum turned out to be a new species of dinosaur, Spinops sternbergorum. The bones had been discovered in a quarry in 1916, and they had been thought worthless until another team of researchers took a look.Washington, May 13 : The discovery of a gruesome feeding frenzy that played out 73 million years ago in northwestern Alberta may also lead to the discovery of new dinosaur species in northwestern Alberta in Canada.

The discovery includes nesting site and the remains of baby, plant-eating dinosaurs and the teeth of a predator.

University of Alberta student Tetsuto Miyashita and Frederico Fanti, a paleontology graduate student from Italy, made the discovery near Grande Prairie, 450 kilometers northwest of Edmonton.

The researchers matched the teeth to a Troodon, a raptor-like dinosaur about two metres in length.

This finding has opened new doors in dinosaur research on this part of the continent: "It established that dinosaurs were nesting at this high latitude," said Miyashita.

"It also shows for the first time a significant number of Troodons in the area (who) hunted hatchling dinosaurs," he added.

Over the course of two summers of field work Miyashita and Fanti began building a theory that Grande Prairie is a "missing link" between known dinosaur species that existed much further to the north and south.

"Prior to this, there were no localities with a variety of dinosaurs and other animals between Alaska and southern Alberta," said Myiashita.

The list of new finds for the area includes armoured and thick-headed plant eaters and fossilized freshwater fish and reptiles.

According to Miyashita, this small pocket of previously undiscovered life could have had interactions that lead to the evolution of new species.

"New dinosaurs weren't created by interbreeding. Having a variety of dinosaurs in one area creates new ecological interactions such as competition for food and predation," said Miyashita. "That can lead to the evolution of a new species," he added.

One Grande Prairie dinosaur the researchers suspect is a new species is the Duck bill.

Miyashita said that unlike the Duck bill found further north in Alaska, the Grande Prairie has a visible bump or crest on its forehead.

The pair will go back to Grande Prairie area in 2010 to focus on finding other dinosaur species in the area. (ANI)
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