Sunday, January 30, 2011

World's best theme parks

There's always a reason for theme parks, not just for the young, but the young at heart, too.

Gravity defying roller coasters; fluorescent-coloured candy and smiles aplenty -theme parks are a world unto themselves. Here's our guide to the 5 best in the world.

1. Cedar Point, Ohio, US. 
Voted the World's Best Theme Park for an unbelievable 13th year in a row at the Golden Ticket Awards, Cedar Point has the most number of roller coasters of any theme park in the world. Some of the park's tallest, fastest and most terrifying rides such as Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster are legendary.
Photo credit: Courtesy of Cedar Point.

2. Universal's Islands of Adventure, Orlando, US.
Famed for its cutting edge rides and shows, this theme park brings to life your favourite children's tales. Harry Potter fans will be charmed by The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and its latest attraction, Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey that combine a dark, twisty ride with a startling cinematic experience.

Hogwarts Castle
Photo credit:  Photo © 2010 Universal Orlando Resort. All Rights Reserved.

3. Europa-Park, Rust, Germany.
The largest theme park in Germany, it highlights 13 European-themed countries within the park. A perfect place to discover Europe; step into Iceland's Blue Fire Megacoaster, one of Europe's best roller coasters, or head over to "France" for an adrenaline rush on the Silver Star with speeds of up to an astonishing 130km/h!
The stunning view of Europa-Park at night.
Photo credit:  Courtesy of Europa-Park

4. Pleasure Beach Blackpool, England, UK.
A British icon in its own right, this park is home to some of the biggest, fastest and scariest in the country. The highlight is Valhalla - the world's most expensive dark ride, constructed at a cost of £15 million, featuring 85ft plunges. The Pepsi Max Big, UK's tallest roller coaster is also here , along with or the Irn Bru Revolution looping coaster that features a whopping 360-degree vertical loop.
Night view of Infusion.
Photo credit:  Courtesy of Pleasure Beach Blackpool.

5. Tokyo DisneySea, Japan.
Inspired by myths and legends of the sea, a trip to Tokyo DisneySea would not be complete without a stopover at the Mermaid Lagoon and the stunning display of King Triton's underwater palace. Take the terrifying 194ft free fall from the Tower of Terror or dive into the 20,000 Leagues under the Sea submarine to explore the breathtaking depths of the ocean in the Mysterious Island.
Mount Prometheus, Tokyo DisneySea's iconic volcano located in the Mysterious Island.
Photo credit: Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company.
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