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2011 Oscar winners & nominees

They might have been at the most prestigious event in Hollywood on Academy Award night

What's next for Oscar winners & nominees?
but this year's winners and nominees won't necessarily be in Oscar mode when they next pop up on the big screen.
Natalie Portman
What film did she win the Oscar for?

The hardworking actress has a slew of projects coming out this year, including an appearance this April in an epic stoner comedy (watch the funny trailer) opposite an Oscar co-host. The mother-to-be will also play a dowdy bespectacled grocery store clerk in an independent drama (watch the trailer and find out who else stars in it).

Colin Firth
What film did he win the Oscar for?

After years of romantic comedy roles, like this unforgettable one, Best Actor winner Colin Firth is skewing a little bit more commercial than the film that landed him his statuette. The English actor will next be seen in an espionage drama, an adaptation of a British spy novel in which he plays an intelligence officer suspected of being a Russian mole.

Melissa Leo
What film did she win the Oscar for?

Melissa Leo, whose role as a gritty, greedy mother earned her acting's top award and whose blurted-out profanity provided the most colorful moment of the Oscars (watch it), will make several more niche appearances on the big screen.

Christian Bale
What film did he win the Oscar for?

Christian Bale, who was honored for his portrayal of a real-life twitchy small-time boxer, has been in China shooting a part as a heroic priest in an Asian period piece. But blockbusters aren't too far from the actor's mind; Bale will reprise his infamous superhero role as the Caped Crusader (find out who will play Catwoman)
Michelle Williams
What film earned her an Oscar nod?

Oscar and Golden Globe nominee Michelle Williams has come a long way from "Dawson's Creek" (watch her in the TV drama). The platinum blond star is wrapping production on a British film in which she will immortalize another famous blond bombshell. She will also star in a bittersweet romance opposite a funnyman.
Javier Bardem
What film earned him an Oscar nod?

Javier Bardem's haunting portrayal of a lawless yet devoted father is much more somber than his real life, in which he is married to a beautiful movie star.

The handsome star has several movies in the works, including a rumored and long-awaited spy thriller, a heist caper and a tense suspense film based on a true story about people who escape to paradise before World War II.
Amy Adams
What film earned her an Oscar nomination?

Audiences saw another side of Amy Adams as a take-no-guff bartender in her Oscar-nominated role. But get ready for a childish good time in her newest family comedy about puppet characters. The three-time Academy Award nominee will also star in a portrait of the beat generation based on a famous book.
Jesse Eisenberg
What film earned him an Oscar nomination?

If the Queens native had won, Jesse Eisenberg would have been the youngest Best Actor Oscar winner of all time (who is the youngest?). Next up for him will be an animated film about a domesticated macaw and an adventure comedy about fledgling kidnappers.
Jeremy Renner
What film earned him an Oscar nomination?

The townie tough-guy will don spandex and a bow and arrow in an upcoming action-adventure film that brings together a team of superheroes (which award-winning film earned him an Oscar nom last year?). He's taking some physical abuse shooting a long-awaited installment of an action franchise.
Nicole Kidman
What film earned her an Oscar nomination?

Next up for Kidman, who earned her nomination for playing a grieving mother, is a psychological thriller about a married couple held for ransom. The Academy Award winner is filming an HBO love story about a celebrated author.
Jeff Bridges
What film earned him an Oscar nomination?

Fresh off a Best Actor Oscar win last year, The Dude will remove his eye patch to narrate an animated biopic about a legendary filmmaker.
Hailee Steinfeld
What film earned her the Oscar nomination?

After a series of TV roles, breakout star 15-year-old Hailee Steinfeld stunned audiences as a determined revenge-seeking daughter in the Old West. Next up will be a book-to-film project about a 16-year-old whose memory is erased every night.

Geoffrey Rush
What film earned him the Oscar nod?

Australian acting legend and Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush impressed as a speech therapist, and this year he'll reprise his role as a swarthy sea pirate in a Disney blockbuster franchise (check out the exciting trailer).
Helena Bonham Carter
What film earned her the Oscar nomination?

Helena Bonham Carter was all prim and proper in her nominated role as the queen of England, but she will be back in theaters this spring one final time as an evil witch (watch the trailer). Rumor has it she will also star in a horror tale about a vampire.
Annette Bening
What film earned her the Oscar nomination?

Veteran actress Annette Bening had audiences fooled as an overbearing wife for her nominated role, and up next for the four-time Academy Award nominee is a 2012 film about the origin of a famous story.
Jennifer Lawrence
What film earned her the Oscar nomination?

Newcomer Jennifer Lawrence was practically unknown before playing an Ozark teen searching for her meth-cooking father. She can be seen as a sexy shape-shifter in her next film about a group of humans with super abilities (watch the exciting trailer). Also, catch the 20-year-old rising star in a 2012 horror flick.
John Hawkes
What film earned him the Oscar nomination?

Before John Hawkes was nominated for his role as dangerous Uncle Teardrop, he was a gunslinger on an HBO drama series. Next up this year he appears in a science-fiction thriller about a deadly disease starring some big Hollywood names.
Mark Ruffalo
What film earned him an Oscar nomination?

The ever scruffy and lovable Mark Ruffalo is not an estranged father in real life (how many kids does he have?). He will play the emotional alter ego of a physicist in a superhero film and a part in a movie about a tragic accident.
Jacki Weaver
What film earned her the Oscar nomination?

The 63-year-old Australian star can also be seen in a 2010 film about a hitchhiking woman who finds love and adventure (watch the trailer). Her moviemaking days are not over yet: The actress is planning a big move.
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