Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy infomercials

Crazy infomercials

Crazy Infomercials
From a salesman falling on his sword to ingenious and improbable products, infomercials entertain as well as shock and enlighten us. Watch as we review some of the craziest televised marketing ploys around.
Katana sword
If you’re touting the indestructability of a Samurai sword, you probably don’t want that sword to fall apart, and you definitely don’t want the host to get stabbed in the process. And yet …
The star of a Discovery Channel show about filthy occupations once worked for the home shopping network channel, QVC, where his co-star was a cat in a bag. How many times was he fired?
A presidential Chia Pet
Who knew a Chia Pet could be patriotic, “a symbol of liberty, opportunity, prosperity and hope” as described in an infomercial.More important: Who knew President Barack Obama could grow a head of green hair? Chi-chi-chi-chia!
Hazel & Magic Bullet
The best breakout character in an infomercial award goes to: Hazel, a chain-smoking, housedress-wearing bit player in infomercials for a high-speed blender who has inspired a website and an animated character. “Did somebody say muffins?”
An electric facial mask
We can’t decide what’s more frightening: the hockey mask worn in this horror movie franchise or actress Linda Evans’ peddling mask that delivers electric jolts to revive tired skin.
Snuggie for dogs
Tracking the popularity of the Snuggie ― the cozy, blanket-like phenomenon with sleeves that is so popular with humans ― it was perhaps inevitable that Snuggie for dogs would be next. Does canine humiliation know no end?
Life Alert
If ever there were a golden age of infomercials, it was the late 1980s, when Life Alert launched a series of videos highlighting its emergency alert systems. While older victims being in trouble isn’t anything to laugh at, something about the dramatizations was inherently funny.

The Hawaii Chair
The undulating Hawaii chair is one infomercial product that has made waves, and talk-show host and comedienne Ellen DeGeneres appears to be one of its biggest fans

Slender Shaper
If the prospect of losing “flabby abs” and “jiggly arms” doesn’t attract you to Slender Shaper, the cellulite-shaking close-ups in one of the early infomercials for this fitness product surely will! How does it compare to this hilarious arm-fat reducer?
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