Saturday, April 16, 2011

Extreme, Beautiful Ads as a Work of Art

Extreme, Beautiful Ads as a Work of Art (with some lovely kitsch thrown in)

Spectacular wide-format thrills, monsters and disasters

This series seems a bit too optimistic:

A super-suction range and hood:

Garbage Pen Fighters: "All We Throw Away Turns Against us" -

Another way for garbage to fight back:

Windex: a clean glass effect -

Epic pile-ups: Landrover Phone, "Incredibly Tough" -

Household Surrealism & Unexpected Weirdness

Overweight washing machine? Sure, "think about what it consumes..." -

Disturbingly fat fridge - is it eating your food?

Happy Fried Chickens:

Drinking straws creativity: from small to big ones -

"Say Cheeese!" ad for SONY Cybershot (left) and Sydney International Food Festival campaign (right):

Eat a bar code, darling:

Some great ads for the Gold's Gym:

Improved Chewing Skills! - fragment of a campaign for the Mintz gum

Walt Disney Princess Crystal Slipper campaign:

"Otherwise it would be too easy to install" (ad for the portable gas bottle) -

Surrealism in and around bathroom:

Automotive Goodies

This truck has to use some gel in order to get out:

A Smart car can fit about anywhere:

This car shows everything up front, turning itself inside out:

Urban Ads Mayhem: Viral Street Campaigns

Even walking the streets isn't safe any more (Landmine Stickers Alert!):

Billboards get extreme:

Umm... no.


The gruesome one above is the ad for the Gas Safety Service in Russia.

Right image: the Chanel store in Ginza, Tokyo -

Some grassroots billboard improvement:

Using bridges for ads:

A nasty crack in the building, fixed by the Glue:

Cool billboard coordination between advertisers:

We only hope that the Australian Childhood Foundation did not put a live kid inside this ad:

Escalator Bonus for Homer Simpson:

(image via)

Creative bus stop ad placement:

Action against Global Warming: "The Melting Man" and the little Icemen:

Another great Global Warming campaign, using your local swimming pool:

Got a bunch of fresh snow all over the city? Use it for ads! -

Some weird street viral campaign in South Korea:

The Trees Have Eyes - made by the UK street artist FilthyLuker:

Urban transit all fixed up:

Some great anti-DUI campaigns:

Shock Therapy!

"The Other Side of America!" But of course, this is only logical -

"Who do you take care of?"

Disturbing bath ritual:

"Hi! I'm Bruce!" - Part of the series "Skeletons in the Closet" by Klaus Pichler

You don't keep a huge snake in the kitchen? No? Why not?..

Big BIG Burgers!

Assorted Advertisement Riches

This is genius: perfect placement!

Great "bumper-sticker" idea:

Very creative business cards:

Ad Placement FAIL

Note the warning above:

Somewhere in Russia, the ad for the beauty salon:

We're not the only website which appreciates cool advertising campaigns - Wired often covers it, Ads of the World is a great place to discover new ones... also don't miss the TED's Ads Worth Spreading series, with a recent bunch of winners.

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