Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Famous phone numbers

In Matt Damon's latest film, his love interest -- played by Emily Blunt -- gives him a phone number. 

Famous phone numbers
Dial it and you get no answer. But what about other phone numbers in movies, TV shows and songs? Are they fake or real? Any number without a 555 prefix is inviting you to start punching digits. Check out these numbers made famous through popular songs and movies or skip ahead to read about:
Michael J. Fox movies
Michael J. Fox was a time-traveling teen who saved the Clock Tower and romanced his high school sweetheart, Jennifer Parker (played by two different actresses). She kissed him in the courthouse square before handing over her phone number (555-4823).
Sir Mix-a-Lot songs
Rapper Sir Mix-a-Lot touted the benefits of a larger derriere and encouraged fans to dial 1-900-MIXALOT with his 1992 No. 1 single. The famous ditty samples a song from an Irish band.

Matt Damon movies
As a rising politician Matt Damon can’t seem to remember the phone number that the dancer played by Emily Blunt gives him (212-664-7665) in a new sci-fi thriller. The film is based on a story by a famous author (get his books).
Mike Jones’ songs
Rapper Mike Jones gave out his phone number (281-330-8004) in one of his songs, telling fans to give him a call. Fans could leave the rhymer a message, but the number no longer works.

Tom Cruise movies
Director Paul Thomas Anderson included two real (they no longer work) phone numbers in his 1999 drama starring Tom Cruise and Philip Seymour Hoffman. One number, 1-877-TAMEHER, was displayed on the infomercial from the sex evangelist character. Find out what happens when you call it.

The Time songs
Funk dance-pop ensemble The Time had a 1980s hit single with a song titled with a phone number that belonged to a member of this rock star’s band.

Soulja Boy’s songs
Rapper and record producer Soulja Boy included digits (678-999-8212) in his 2008 hit song. He recorded the song with a pre-teen R&B singer.

Jim Carrey movies
In a 2003 Jim Carrey comedy, God’s phone number (776-2323) appears on Carrey’s character’s pager. His love interest is a TV-darling turned blockbuster star.
Alicia Keys’ songs
Featuring a soul group from the 1980s, R&B singer Alicia Keys reveals a phone number (489-4608) rumored to have been her old New York phone number.
Etta James’ songs
The infamous soul singer Etta James belts out a phone number (842-3089) in a song off her sixth studio album.

Tommy Tutone songs
New wave band Tommy Tutone forever enshrined a certain phone number as the most recognizable in pop culture history with their 1982 hit. Most phone providers don’t assign the number anymore because of the subsequent outbreak of crank calls.
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