Monday, April 4, 2011

Fashionable Women of Royalty

Princess-to-be Kate Middleton is just one member of the royal fashion club

Famous Fashions of Royalty
From the iconic Princess Grace to Zara Phillips, these 10 ladies embody regal style.
Fashionable women of royalty
London is swinging again thanks to bride- and princess-to-be Kate Middleton (when’s the wedding?). Nicknamed the “high-street princess,” the Berkshire native is experiencing sudden fashion icon status, and her accessible “Sloane Ranger” look has an American equivalent (check out her fashion sense). We take a look at some past and present royal fashion icons.
Princess Diana
When she wasn’t charming the masses, the beloved “People’s Princess” was stopping admirers in their tracks with her elegant style, which propelled her to 1980s icon status. See her on her wedding day.
Princess Grace
It was a fairy-tale story for this City of Brotherly Love native who became Hollywood royalty before she was crowned princess of a microstate. The beauty’s famous wardrobe was recently on display (see her celebrated fashions).

Queen Elizabeth II
Known for her proper style (see her fashion choices), the queen happened to host a fashion industry reception last year (watch clips). Twelve pieces of her majesty’s famous wardrobe recently arrived in this Irish city for another event for up-and-coming designers.
Queen Rania
She rules a kingdom on the East Bank (and has been known to hang out with another fashionable lady) and wowed in a floral dress last year. The fashion jewel is known for her light-colored dresses highlighted with belts.
Princess Madeleine
The 28-year-old princess of a Nordic country may not play a large role politically, but the blond beauty has created a buzz in the fashion world
Mary Elizabeth
She is a princess of a Northern European country who is said to have a similar fashion sense to a princess-to-be
Princess Letizia
The heir apparent to the throne of a country that borders the Mediterranean, this beautiful princess has stolen the spotlight on many occasions (see her fashion), including with this hot number. She’s known to wear 4-inch heels and tight-fitting suits.

Zara Phillips
Eldest granddaughter to the queen, the daughter of Princess Anne has a bit of a wild side (what did she get pierced?), which shows through in her fashion sense. She even rocked a Pob.
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