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Get the skinny on diets

Get the skinny on diets

Summer is right around the corner.  So ladies, In order to squeeze into those sexy bikinis and all you men going for that six-pack, here’s the skinny on how. Your first step is to calculate your BMI,  and see what work lies ahead of you.

Weight Watchers

This diet plan focuses on the point plus system. You are allotted a certain amount of points each day based on your height, weight and BMI. A Big Mac could have 13 points, while an apple has a zero point value.


We all love to eat.  Most of us indulge ourselves in large portions, but not necessarily the right ones.  Dr. Barbara Rolls, author of the Volumetric Weight-Control Plan, encourages people to still eat lots of foods, like fruit and beans, which contain high concentrations of water. Get the skinny on the plan.

The Abs Diet

Six packs, and we aren’t talking beer, gentleman.  The Abs Diet is a more upgraded version of Body for Life. It is a weekly meal plan that focuses on the 12 power foods. But the good news is you can get those amazing abs because you have one day a week to eat whatever and wherever you want

You on a diet

If Dr. Oz is promoting this diet, it must have credibility.  He and his team of doctors created a strategy to keep it simple stupid. Eat the same thing daily, minimizing your food options and giving you a structured diet to follow.

 The Atkins Diet

I will have a cheeseburger, but hold the bun. The theme here is all protein and no carbohydrates. If you are looking to shed weight fast, the controversial  Atkins Diet might be your answer.  But, could you give up bread and pasta forever?

The South Beach Diet

Cardiologist Dr. Arthur Agatston helped create this diet in one of the most beautiful places in the world, where some of the most attractive people gather. This diet  was originally invented to protect your heart, but it also can give you the body to visit South Beach, or any beach for that matter.

Cabbage Soup Diet

It’s wedding season. If you are running out of time and can’t quite squeeze into that bridesmaid dress, this may be an option. This diet claims it’s possible to lose up to 10 pounds in a wee

Gluten-Free Diet

A glutton for gluten-free treats? This latest fad diet consists of gluten-free foods.  Go bonkers on the fruits, vegetables and fresh meats! But be prepared to give up most bread, pasta and anything fried.

Celebrity Diets

Beyoncé Knowles used the Master Cleanse Diet to lose 20 pounds for a film based on a mega girl group.


If you have limited time to cook and would like free prepared meals delivered to your door by the click of a mouse, this might be for you. You can select from over 150 different meal options from the eDiet menu.

The Ornish Diet

Dr. Dean Ornish encourages you to eat more and weigh less by basically being a vegetarian. Load up on all the fruits and vegetables you please, but be prepared to skip many other foods.

Best exercises for you

So you might be too impulsive to stick to a specific diet, or watching your calorie intake may not be for you. But if you’d rather sweat more than worry about what you eat, here are some exercises.

Foods that are sexy


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