Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Robotic breakthroughs

Robotic breakthroughs

Robotic breakthroughs
From robots that detect radiation to bots that recover missing bodies, scientists around the world are pushing the technology behind robotics to amazing heights. See our list of incredible breakthroughs.

Robots find missing bodies
A team of underwater robots (or AUV) played a critical role recently in locating wreckage and missing bodies from an air disaster that occurred almost two years ago in the Atlantic Ocean. Bodies and debris were found off the coast of a South American country.
Radiation-detecting robots
Germany and the United States have plans to send radiation-hardened robots to Japan in hopes of controlling potential radiation leaks from the country's nuclear power plants that were damaged in the recent devastating earthquake and tsunami.

Human-like robots
It's so real, it's scary. From a scolding teacher robot to an incredibly realistic man-bot (who is it built to look like?), scientists are creating mechanical devices that can eerily mimic human behavior and speak several languages. Remember this realistic bot?
Robot scientistsA team of British scientists has created a robot named ADAM that can formulate hypotheses and plan experiments. He's the first robot to have independently discovered new scientific intelligence.

Da Vinci robotThe four-armed da Vinci robot is famous for its surgical skills,but it recently learned something new just for fun. What did it learn?

Robots in flight
This company has created a sort of cyborg seagull called SmartBirds that fly and flap their wings using motor controls inside the torso.They can take off and land without assistance.

Robot helps with chores?
The assistive robot Domo brings up visions of a chore-doing robotic housekeeper from a classic TV series -- except this one is real, sort of. It was developed by a private research university in part to assist the elderly with simple tasks.

Most advanced humanoid?
Its maker touts ASIMO  as the "world's most advanced humanoid robot." Resembling an astronaut wearing a backpack, it celebrated a milestone birthday last year.

Crime-fighting robots
One sheriff in a Western state is seeking funding to purchase a hand-held robot that can be used in hostage situations or other dangerous law predicaments.
'Throwable' robot
The iRobot 110 FirstLook spy bot, unveiled this month, is designed to be dropped in confined spaces to observe and investigate dangerous situations.

Robot can show emotions
A desktop robot called REETI allows users to program emotions and facial expressions.

Robot marries couple
This earthquake-damaged country held the first wedding to be conducted by a robot. I-Fairy united Tomohiro Shibata and Satoko Inoue last year with its tinny voice.
Robots can play ball
Sure, a lot of robots can play chess, but not all of them can hone their tennis skills. Scientists have created floating platforms that can bounce a ball in the air between them.

Robot chefs
Whether taking orders, cooking or filling bowls, fully autonomous robots act as chef and assistant in a restaurant in this country.
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