Wednesday, April 6, 2011

World’s Most Bizarre Buildings

They build them like dogs, or books, or just plain crooked

World’s Most Bizarre Buildings
. Would you live in such a building? Pray in such a church?
The Crooked House
An architect inspired by the fairy tale illustrations of this artist and the work of this artist, created the design for the most photographed building in Poland. Should you plan to visit, you just may want to bring some sea sickness medication.
Cubic Houses
The Dutch architect who designed these residences likened the cubes to abstract trees. Put a lot together and you have a sort of crazy forest.

The Dog Park Inn

The world’s “ largest beagle,” a two-story canine bed and breakfast, is run by a couple of chain saw artists who specialize in dog carvings.

The Dome House

Built in Florida, you can rent this place for a night or three and enjoy the sugar white beaches in the daytime.

Hang Nga Guesthouse
It looks like a giant Banyan tree, but the locals call it “Crazy House.” The architect’s idea was to integrate nature into architecture. Inside find the Tiger Room, Giraffe Room and Ant Room.

The Dancing House
Originally named Fred and Ginger (because the house resembles a pair of dancers), some locals call it the Drunk House. The architect teamed up with this famous colleague, which should explain things.

The Piano House
This house is a blending of music and art designed to attract tourists. You enter it through the violin, then take an escalator up to the piano.
The Robot Building
This architect designed the house for a bank to reflect the computerization of banking.
Kansas City Public Library
It’s called “The Community Bookshelf,” but it’s actually the parking garage which is unusual. Twenty-two book spines 25 feet high showcase a wide variety of reading interests.
Forest Spiral – Hundertwasser Building
The idea of this edifice was that it would rise up in the form of an afforested spiral. The facades were designed by this architect as an allegory of the earth’s strata, sediment that has been deposited over millions of years.

Chapel in the Rock
Built right into the rock, it was designed and commissioned by this sculptor, a student of this famous architect. It’s known as the Chapel of the Holy Cross and was completed in 1956.
Described as an amusement park for all ages, the bizarre building here looks as if it is upside down. It’s said to be the town’s No. 1 attraction.
Calakmul Building
Yep, this building looks like a giant washing machine – thus its nickname. It was designed by an architect who believes in emotional architecture.

The Torre Galatea
This bizarre structure houses the single-largest and most diverse collection of works by this surrealist painting legend, the heart of which comes from the artist's own collection. There’s custom furniture that looks like the face of Mae West, and the artist is buried in a basement tomb.

Where it is

The Basket Building
This man behind the idea for this building said, “If they can put a man on the moon, they can certainly build a building that’s shaped like a basket.”
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