Saturday, April 2, 2011

World’s Most Powerful Women

They affect what we eat and the way we feel.

World’s Most Powerful Women
 Their decisions impact everything from the polls to our purses. Get inspired by our list of alpha-female leaders and moguls who make the world go ‘round.
Michelle Obama
The first lady has the ear and the confidence of the commander in chief. She has made headlines with her nationwide anti-obesity program. (Some of the press has been negative.) Also on her agenda: supporting the arts and helping troops.
Hillary Clinton
Secretary of State Clinton took her oath of office in January 2009. The former first lady and senator  now heads up global initiatives, discusses weighty issues at home and tackles grave dilemmas abroad.

Angela Merkel
Chancellor of Germany Merkel — now serving her second term — holds a historically significant title. In her post, she has her finger on the pulse of this major power.

Oprah Winfrey
The media mogul has dominated the talk show scene (for how long?) and tapped into print media, radio and even social networking. Winfrey has exercised political clout and has shown a commitment to both philanthropy and education.
Irene Rosenfeld
Rosenfeld is the CEO of Kraft Foods Inc. and is one of the highest paid women in America (how much?). She turned heads last year when she brokered a sweet international deal.

Indra Nooyi
Indian-born Nooyi (see where she’s from) is the CEO and chairwoman of PepsiCo. She oversees the company’s main munchies-makers and has launched this sustainability strategy as her growth mission.

Sarah Palin
Though she and her running mate didn’t make it to the White House, the former Alaska governor has scarcely left the public eye since she hit the campaign trail in 2008. She now makes headlines as a political commentator and conservative tastemaker.

Anne Lauvergeon
Lauvergeon is the CEO of French conglomerate, Areva (what are they known for?), which has an expansive global presence.

Tina Brown
British-born Brown grew to fame editing revered American magazines in the ‘80s and ‘90s and has set about revamping another newsstand standard. Her new endeavor also includes an online component.
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner
Since assuming the role of Argentina’s first elected female president in 2007, (who was her beloved successor?) Kirchner has faced domestic unrest and scandal, but has also ushered in historic change.

Dilma Rousseff
Brazil’s first female president has only been in office since January, but in that time, she has already achieved her first legislative victory and has made plans to meet with another famous-first leader.
Gail Kelly
Kelly became CEO of Westpac (what’s that?) in 2008. The African-born (see where) Australian resident went from an unlikely start to a position as a Forbes-ranked powerful force.
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