Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Actress's ex on being dumped

Actress's ex on being dumped
Actress's ex on being dumped. Don’t hate the player, hate the game, Louis Dowler! That’s not a phrase we ever though we’d have to use to defend Academy Award-winner Kate Winslet, but here we are. After rescuing Richard Branson‘s mom from a burning building back in August, the Carnage actress started to date Branson’s nephew Ned Rocknroll. Who doesn’t love a story like that? And on an unrelated note, how insanely old is Richard Branson’s mom that Kate Winslet can date her grandson? Sadly, at least one person doesn’t find the story too charming; that person would be Dowler, Winslet’s male model ex. “I don’t think Kate behaved well and it is still very raw for me,” Dowler told Britain’s Daily Mail about their break-up. “I was in love with her and you can’t switch that off overnight. I’m not sure Kate treated me well.” Somewhere, a single tear rolls down Sam Mendes‘ cheek. He feels your pain, brah.
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Look, we get it, Louis: Kate’s beautiful, she has the necessary arm strength to save your mother from a fire and, well, you already left your previous girlfriend Eliza Pearson to be with her. We get why you’re so pissed! But at the end of the day, Kate is a sexy, talented bird that must fly free. Besides, while you just broke up with someone to snag Kate, Ned Rocknroll changed his name to Ned Rocknroll. Do you think he would have landed Winslet with his birth name Abel Smith? Use your beautiful, angular head, boy.
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