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Celebs and Their Classic Cars

Celebs and Their Classic Cars

Celebs and Their Classic Cars, The world of the A-list celebrity is all about glitz and glamour, red carpet award ceremonies, expensive restaurants and exotic vacations. Plus, the cars they drive aren't too shabby, either. But for some celebs, a car is more than state-of-the-art technology and heart-racing performance. It's about heritage and image. We've tracked down paparazzi fodder who laugh in the face of eco-cars and turn their nose up at the ostentatious, and who have opted instead for a step back in time for their daily runabouts. We've provided some clues about each celeb. See if you can figure out who owns each ride..
The celeb clues: She's an iconic runway model-turned-style icon who once dated bad-boy rocker Pete Doherty, is praised for her cutting-edge fashion sense, and who has a pretty good taste in cars. Here she is squeezing out of a tight parking space in her classic Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow.

The ride: The luxury sedan was first produced in 1965 and cost just over $11,000. It was initially planned to be called the Silver Mist, progressing from the Silver Cloud that preceded it, but this was later changed to Shadow as the German translation of mist is manure.
The celeb clues: There's no question this "Grey's Anatomy" star and Hollywood A-lister, known sometimes as "McDreamy, " is something of a serious motorhead. When he's not acting or flying around a racetrack, he can often be seen driving around L.A. in a Lotus Exige or Porsche 911 GT3 RS.

The ride: He also has a soft spot for classic Jags, including a gorgeous XK120 and this stunning E-Type. Born in the '60s, the E-Type picked up where the XK150 left off by offering stunning looks and an exhilarating drive in a typically British package. It's even rumored the great Enzo Ferrari referred to it as "the most beautiful car ever made."
The celeb clues: The Hollywood hardman-turned-politician may be a keen advocate of "driving green," but he's also a fan of old-school motoring, too. This action-movie star was married to a descendent of the Kennedys until earlier this year when it was revealed he had fathered a love child with the family's longtime maid.

The ride: When he's not driving around in his fleet of gas-guzzling Hummers, he can be spotted driving up and down the Hollywood boulevards in a classic Excalibur. Built in the '60s in Wisconsin, it was modeled after the 1928 Mercedes SS but was fitted onto a Studebaker chassis and featured a 5,362 cc Chevy engine. The latter grew to a 7,500 cc V-8 in later models.
The celeb clues: This Hollywood A-lister is known mostly for his romantic-comedy roles and had a cameo on "Sex and the City." In the mid-2000s, he dated another A-list actress before her marriage to actor Javier Bardem. He's now married and has two children.

The ride: His classic car is the Chevy Camaro Z28. While most movie stars are opting for eco-friendly hybrids, this star has gone for the other end of the scale with this muscle car designed to take on the highly successful Ford Mustang. The Z28 differs from the standard Camaro by featuring an air-induction hood scoop with an intake door that opens under full throttle; oh, and a big Z28 sticker on the side.
The celeb clues: This supermodel married a rocker (who?) from the band The Kills this year and has a daughter from a previous relationship. See photos of her wedding.

The ride: This nimble little MG Midget is handy for nipping around the city. The Midget in question is the first-gen version that featured a 948 cc engine with a lowly 46 horsepower, meaning it was good for a top speed of just 87 mph and capable of reaching 62 mph in a leisurely 18.3 seconds.
The celeb clues: There appears to be a theme with supermodels and classic British cars. First Kate Moss with her Rolls and MG, and now this Australian model, whose nickname underscored her enviable physique. She's known for having appeared on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition multiple times.

The car: She was spotted being driven around London in her classic, drop-top version of the Aston Martin DB5 convertible, which was strictly limited to 123 cars in its two-year production run between 1963 and 1965. Of those, only 19 were made in left-hand drive.
The celeb clues: He is one of the most prolific celebrity motorheads with a collection of cars that would shame most motor museums.

The ride: One of the cars in his collection includes this 1908 White steam-powered car. Quite possibly the first people mover of its kind, the White touring car could seat seven, and was one of the first official cars of the president of the United States. Needless to say, the birth of the gas-powered combustion engine meant demand for steam cars waned, with the last models rolling off the production line just two years after its launch.
The celeb clues: Here's America's leading talk show host proving that classic cars aren't designed to sit in a garage gathering dust.

The car: He's been snapped behind the wheel of his 1930 Duesenberg J Walker Legrande Torpedo Phaeton, cruising around Los Angeles. It was one of the biggest, fastest, most powerful and luxurious cars of its time. Around 481 cars were made before production ceased in 1937.
The celeb clues: It's not often you can say supermodel Elle Macpherson and this member of the royal family have much in common, but it appears they have a similar taste in cars. He is also the ex-husband of one of the most famous women in the world before her untimely death.

The car: Here he is driving his classic Aston Martin DB5 convertible to the Cartier International Polo day in Windsor. Very James Bond. This also is the vehicle his son recently drove on his wedding day, which was only the most streamed event of the year.
The celeb clues: if there was ever a band that epitomized the '60s, it was the Beatles. The owner of this car is a living Beatle.

The car: If there was ever a car that epitomized the '60s, it was the MINI, so it only makes sense that the Beatles star and the MINI were united for the unveiling of a tribute to a deceased Beatle at the 2008 Chelsea Flower Show.
The celeb clues: The Hollywood actor might be most famous for his role in an iconic action-movie trilogy, which offers a take on what the future might hold.

The ride: He clearly likes his old-school Porsches, as he's snapped here driving around in his classic 911.
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