Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Famous Adoptions

Famous Adoptions

Famous adoptions, We're recognizing famous families that have welcomed children in need through adoption. Sure, you know about Angelina Jolie's brood, and you may have heard about a "Sex and the City" cast member and a star of "The Help" who just became new moms. But can you guess the celeb parents of these adoptees?


Adopted: 1945

Radio personality Michael was the adopted son of two actors -- one an Oscar winner and the other a politician who would go on to shape the nation.

Adopted: 1968

A TV news icon adopted Jackie shortly after her birth.

Adopted: January 1995

This NBA Hall of Famer adopted the Michigan-born girl, who's now living the fabulous life in L.A.
Niki Lin

Adopted: 1996

Niki Lin was adopted from China by her Hall of Fame quarterback dad.
Houston Taylor

Adopted: October 2001

Houston joined the family of a powerful Lone Star State Republican politician.
David Banda

Adopted: May 2008

This tyke was born in a tiny African nation but now lives a jet-set lifestyle.

Adopted: 2009

Naleigh was born with medical problems that her TV doctor mom helped to nurse.
Amaya Josephine

Adopted: April 2011

This 6-month-old has not only a famous mother but a brag-worthy grandmother to boot.

Adopted: 1993

Bridget was adopted from an orphanage across the globe after being born with a treatable birth defect.

Adopted: 1984

After a harrowing rescue, Moises was taken in by one of fashion's most legendary names.

Adopted: 1982

Lily displays her love for the arts onstage, while her adoptive father wrote lauded works of fiction.
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