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Marc Anthony may be having a wee bit of trouble letting go. Us Weekly says the crooner is "going nuts" now that estranged wife Jennifer Lopez has rebounded from their July bust-up with 24-year-old backup dancer Casper Smart. How nuts? Click on to find out

He has fits and tantrums and is very stressed," alleges an insider. "[He's] lost a lot of weight."

Anthony's rep, however, denies that his waistline has changed, which, given his typically hollow-cheeked appearance, is something of a relief.

Still, the singer probably won't be happy with rumors that
J.Lo has been carefully removing all traces of him from her life ...
According to the Chicago Sun-Times, Lopez, 42, has purged pictures of Anthony from all her homes, with the only remaining photographic evidence of their seven-year marriage appearing in the rooms of their 3-year-old twins, Max and Emme. Meanwhile, are some bright and shiny objects also getting dumped?
Word is, J.Lo is "quietly" selling off the many pieces of jewelry Anthony gave her during their relationship, which may or may not include her massive 8-carat engagement ring. She's also purportedly giving away clothes picked out by Anthony, whose alleged controlling behavior during their relationship supposedly included demanding that she ditch her sex symbol status and dress
demurely. The reason for the eradication?
When Jennifer moves on, she totally moves on," a spy tells the paper. "It was true when she split with Ben  Diddy and obviously  Ojani Noa."

The source cynically predicts that Smart "will likely discover he will 'disappear' when she tires of him, too."

For now, Casper is enjoying all the perks that come from dating a superstar. Among them: use of J.Lo's convertible Bentley, says TMZ.

Just don't expect the ink-stained dancer to drive around J.Lo's twins, whom he bonded with during their recent getaway to Hawaii .
RadarOnline claims Anthony, upset over Smart's arrest for allegedly drag racing and driving on a suspended license, has forbid him from getting behind the wheel with his kids.

"He explicitly told Jen that Casper wasn't allowed to drive their children anywhere," maintains a source. "Marc hates the fact that Casper is spending time with Max and
Emme. Marc is extremely jealous and doesn't think Jen is using good judgment when it comes to Casper."

Her friends seem to agree .

They don't feel Casper is good enough for her," a snitch tells Us. "They are worried because she really puts her heart out there for love.
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