Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Suri Cruise’s Christmas list

Suri Cruise’s Christmas list. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes reportedly spent $130,000 on Suri's Christmas gifts this year! Does Bugatti make a Barbie car or something?

In Touch Weekly got a hold of Suri's Christmas list and all the things she's asking for equal $130,000 worth of stuff and Tom and Katie want to buy her all of it.

Suri asked for a pony at the top of the Christmas wish list, because all little girls want ponies until they realize that they poop and kick and are basically just a midget horse. Apparently Tom Cruise has already found a stable for the new pet near their home in Beverly Hills. Hah, a horse in Beverly Hills, like that would ever happen!

She also asked for diamond earrings and gowns that will make her look "like a fairy princess." That's easy, just get Nicki Minaj's stylist to bring over Minaj's leftover dresses. Done and Done.

"Tom and Katie love the holidays and always go overboard," says a source. You don't say! Like $130,000 overboard. Like a luxury vehicle and the price of a small condo - overboard.

Because Suri is the best 5 year old in Hollywood, the source adds, "They are buying Suri absolutely everything she asks for."

The parents reportedly want her to have a "magical time" at Christmas. Also, the source adds, "Suri is very mature and knows what she wants." Of course, only the most mature 5-year-olds demand a pony at Christmas.

Next year, why doesn't she just ask for a blank check.
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