Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Woman sues over smelly car

Woman sues over smelly car

Woman sues over smelly car-Woman sues over smelly car, A Michigan woman who bought a used car is suing the dealership over how it smells. Margarita Salais claims the dealership would not take the car back and she is seeking damages.A woman in Michigan has filed a lawsuit over a smelly used car she bought that contained the odor of a dead body.

In a lawsuit filed in Oakland County Circuit Court, Margarita Salais of New Baltimore alleges the dealership’s staff sold her a 2006 Ford Expedition last March without telling her it once held a dead body, The Detroit News reported Monday.

“They bought the car while it was still cold out in March,” her attorney, Dani Liblang, told the News. “The warmer it got, the worse the smell got.”

Salais said when she brought the car back to the dealership someone told her the smell came from a dead animal. She said she filed a claim with her insurance company, whose investigators determined odor was of human origin.

The insurance company later learned the car had been stolen three times, something Salais said the dealer also failed to tell her.

Her efforts to return the car were fruitless and she now seeks $25,000 plus court fees, the News said.

“It is possible the dealer didn’t know about the smell,” said the lawyer. “What’s not very credible or likely is that the dealer didn’t know it was a daily rental or had been stolen three times. That should’ve been fairly obvious from the title history.”
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