Monday, January 9, 2012

Pilots ill Emergency Landing

Pilots ill Emergency Landing

Pilots ill Emergency Landing - Ill pilots cause emergency landing. A British Airways flight from London was forced to land after two pilots became sick at the same time. The plane was only minutes into the flight when the captain reportedly made a "panicked" call for aid. Both pilots were given oxygen masks to continue the flight. A British Airways passenger plane 20 minutes into a flight from Heathrow had to make an emergency landing after both pilots were taken ill.

The captain and first officer both reported feeling lightheaded as the plane climbed to around 20,000 feet on the flight from London to Glasgow.

According to the Daily Mail, the captain made a 'panicked' call to cabin crew on the PA system, asking for help from a senior member.
They were supplied with oxygen masks and made a request for an emergency return to Heathrow.

The Airbus A321 landed safely, but when paramedics arrived, both the pilots reported feeling like they were going to 'pass out'.

The Civil Aviation Authority was notified and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch are looking into why the pilots both became ill, reports the BBC.

A spokeswoman for BA confirmed the pilots had reported feeling 'unwell' and said the company's pilots were highly trained to deal with these kind of circumstances.

Shee added that they had 'followed normal procedure' by putting on oxygen masks, and that passenger safety was paramount.

Once the plane had returned to Heathrow, passengers were flown to Glasgow on a replacement service with a new flight crew.
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