Sunday, April 3, 2011

Killer Animals

Tilikum, the killer whale involved in the death of a SeaWorld Orlando trainer last year, 

Killer animals
has returned to the theme park's show schedule (watch news coverage). As with Tilikum, you may want to see the following list of dangerous animals behind the protective glass at the zoo, but you wouldn't want to meet them face-to-face in the wild.

A fake version of one of the world's largest snakes wreaked havoc in this campy thriller but the fictional terror might not be far from the truth. Its powerful jaw can unhinge enough to swallow a fast cat. Find out if they are poisonous.

These guys are brave enough to get up close and personal (watch clips) to the intimidating and ancient species (find out how long they have been around). One loose croc caused a disaster that killed 19 people.
A famous Australian TV host died when he crossed the path of one of these dangerous fish, which are closely related to another ocean killer. One made headline when it leaped from the water.
Wild boar
Closely related to a common farm animal, these creatures won't bother you if you don't bother them. But beware of the males.

Grizzly bears
Lovers of fine fish , these normally solitary bears can get huge  One man died after he was attacked near a national park last year.

Cape buffalo
These massively built animals resemble a much tamer animal, but their powerful horns can viciously tear apart an enemy. Its biggest predator?
Box jellyfish
The notoriously dangerous Chironex fleckeri has a fitting nickname and has been called the world's most venomous creature. Watch out for these.
King cobra
Credited as the world's longest venomous snake (how long is it?), this highly aggressive snake gets its diet habit from the meaning of its name. Meanwhile, an escapee relative gained a Twitter following in New York City.
Death stalker scorpion
The name of the arthropod really says it all: Its potent venom contains a deadly cocktail of neurotoxins. Healthy adults would probably be OK, but the elderly and infirm could suffer this deadly reaction from a sting.
Poison dart frog
Luckily, these poisonous amphibians are easy to spot. But don't pick one up. The deadliest of these frogs carry enough toxins to kill 20 men.
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