Thursday, December 15, 2011

13 Creative Gifts for Pets

13 Creative Gifts for Pets

13 Creative Gifts for Pets, Unique ideas for the dog, cat, even fish in your family from our 2011 gift guide.

Fetching Stick

Bright and squeaky latex sticks will make playing in the park even more fun for your furry friend. Available in four colors.

To buy: $10,
Pet Head Shampoo

Even Sparky can have a bad hair day. These shampoos were designed with particular pup challenges (always smelly, restless, water-phobic) in mind.

To buy: $17.50 each,
All Star Ball Chaser Toy

For the dog who’s a champion at fetching and comfortable gloating about it.

To buy: $14.50,
Cardboard Cat Chalet

Made from a single piece of cardboard, this private chateau gives Kitty the purrfect amount of space she needs.

To buy: $28,
Fish Hotel

Your fish is movin' on up from the plastic bag. This modern dwelling will look more stylish than the plain old bowl or tank sitting on the side table.

To buy: $30,
Candy Cane Collar and Lead

Who’s the best accessorized pooch at the dog park? Yours, with this festive leash or collar.

To buy: from $22,
Mixed Breeds Cassette Dog Toy

Toss a soft old-school–style cassette tape Fido’s way. The built-in “squeaker” will have you listening to him rockin’ and rolling all night long.

To buy: $12,
Felt Catnip Tweety Bird

Ahem, tweet your puddy cat to a little birdie of his own.

To buy: $8 each,
Canine Peppermints

Made with peppermint leaves, parsley, and applesauce, these all-natural treats will have Shelby barking with cheer.

To buy: $7,
Zoomies Fleece and Berber Puppy Travel Blanket

For the hound always on the road, this cuddly fleece blanket is a merry treat. Available in seven colors.

To buy: $30 each,
Gingham Cat Collar

A cobalt-and-green gingham collar for the preppy cat.

To buy: $28,
Jonathan Adler Dog Scarf

When the temperature drops, even Lucky will appreciate an extra layer with a designer label.

To buy: $15,
Stringy Cat Toy

Filled with catnip and bursting at the seams with bright color.

To buy: $8, for info.
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