Thursday, December 15, 2011

34 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

34 Stocking Stuffers Under $25

34 Stocking Stuffers Under $25, Find something for everyone on your list with fun and affordable ideas from our 2011 gift guide.

Buddy Bottle Opener

This shiny, happy tool sits well in the hand, looks smart on a bar cart (or a kitchen counter), and pairs perfectly with a fancy six-pack.
Ship Shape Pencil Case
A sturdy vinyl replacement for the now ink-smeared version the kids got in September.

To buy: $9, 866-444-1273 to purchase.
Bicycle Clips
These wire-sculpture fasteners give a stack of receipts a more carefree spin.

To buy: $6 for four,
Dreamstate Neoprene Mask
Red-eye regulars will value these witty, comfy black-out shades.

To buy: $20,
Slim Sonic
For those who can’t bear to be separated from that machine-clean feeling, a lightweight, packable option.

To buy: $15,
Key-Shaped Silicone Key Chains
Buy one for the husband who’s always losing his keys—or the teen psyched to get her first set.

To buy: $19 each,
Bobbi Brown Classic to Go Palette
The ultimate after-work kit: three perfect lip colors and a trio of eye shadows in a pack-of-gum-size case.

To buy: $25,
Sir Kensington’s Spiced Ketchup
Infused with chipotles, cilantro, and lime, it will give your brother’s famous burgers a kick.

To buy: $9,
Hunting Camp Soap
An update on the stuff your grandpa might have used, this hardworking bar has a clean, nostalgic scent.

To buy: $13, portlandgeneral
Predict a Pen
Jokesters and high-powered decision makers will value the succinct, earthy wisdom of this portable oracle.

To buy: $7,
Mystery Drinking Game
Far classier than beer pong, this gizmo is ideal for the (current or overgrown) frat boy on your list.

To buy: $13.50,
Victorinox Tomo Knives
All the essentials, including scissors and nail file, in a two-inch techno-bright holder.

To buy: $20 each,
Talking Mustache
The mustache says “Well, hellooo there” in a skeevy-bar-dude voice. You might want to order it in bulk.

To buy: $5,
Pocket Day Pack
A featherweight zip-shut knapsack that tucks into a tiny pouch. Perfect for sweaty post-workout wear. Available in five colors.

To buy: $20,
Helvetica Playing Cards
This graphic deck featuring the beloved font will win the hearts (and diamonds and clubs) of design aficionados.

To buy: $12,
Color Apeel Crayons
Dense, waxy china markers deliver saturated color. (And peeling down the curlicue paper is weirdly satisfying.)

To buy: $8 for 12,
Happy Socks
Show your shoes-must-be-removed-at-the-door aunt that you’re setting the bar a little higher when it comes to style. Choose from a variety of colors and patterns.

To buy: $12,
Mints in a Can
Boring ’ol mints? Maybe—or maybe not. Surprise that office Secret Santa with what’s inside.

To buy: $10,
Cow Talking Bag Clip
Sneaky snackers will be forced to come clean with a chip click that moooos when opened.

To buy: $6,
Seven Sins Soaps
A Christmas miracle for last-minute shoppers. Divvy up these seven soaps or bestow the entire set on someone especially naughty on your list.

To buy: $16 for seven,
Basil Saddle Cover
This waterproof seat protector is a dream for the practical rider with a stylish side.

To buy: $12.50,
Simson Flat Tire Repair Kit
Another flat tire on your bike? A pocket-sized kit (complete with tire levers, patches, and glue) will have you ready to provide your own roadside assistance.

To buy: $7.50,
Clown Whistle
Cue the clowns! Festivities ringing in 2012 call for cheery faces and high-pitched sounds.

To buy: $2.50 each,
Lodge Logic Guitar Skillet
Rock the oven: A sturdy cast-iron guitar skillet bakes up fine cornbread, biscuits, and other recipes.

To buy: $19,
Sticky Tie
Simply stick on an adhesive tie and your little guy will be dressed and ready for his morning...err, playdate. Available in five styles.

To buy: $5,
Animal Crayons
There’s a lion, a bear, and even a bunny in this crew of multicolored scribbling tools.

To buy: $7.50,
Emergency Cuff Links
Even the most pulled-together dude occasionally encounters a fashion 911. He can tuck this slim stainless-steel card into his wallet, then pop off a pair of cuff links when needed.

To buy: $13,
Blithe and Bonny Lip Balm Pots
A handy secret weapon for the lip-gloss addict out for a night on the town.

To buy: $12 for two,
Floppy Disk Sticky Notes
These sticky notes will have your coworkers wondering if you’re stuck in the ’80s.

To buy: $10 for three,
Kidrobot Pop! Super Shiny Mini Series Blindbox
Bright, shiny, and 100 percent surprising. No one—not even the gift-giver—knows which of 21 different balloon animal figurines hides inside.

To buy: $8,
Monkey Tea Infuser
This cheeky monkey infuser will take that cup of chamomile to whimsical heights.

To buy: $12,
Tweets & Status Updates for All Occasions
Subtle solution for that Facebook friend who overshares or the sister-in-law who doesn’t quite get the 140 character limit. #thankuslater

To buy: $9,

Bubble Bag Set
Bubbles-on-the-go might be the greatest gift for any multitasking parent.

To buy: $6 for set of three,
Boskop Lunchbox

The brown bag is perfectly utilitarian, but lunch is so much more exciting when you pop open this fruity surprise. Available in red or green.

To buy: $15,
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