Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cuba Facebook social site PSP

Cuba Facebook social site PSP

Cuba Facebook social site PSP, Cuba launches Facebook-like social site, Internet restricted Cuba. Cuba has launched its own Facebook-type social network called Red Social, Univision reports.

Univision's Sandro Mairata, who writes about Latin Amerian Affairs, said the site mimics the look and feel of Facebook. The homepage, writes Mairata, bears the slogan "A virtual meeting point for Cuban universities."

Univision quotes Carlos Alberto Perez Benitez from the blog La Chiringa de Cuba, as saying the site appears to be a project sponsored by the Ministry of Education. Cuba, a nation where just 2 percent of the population has an internet connection, has quietly launched a Facebook wannabe, a "virtual meeting place for Cuban universities," according to a screenshot of site on the Cuban blog "La Chiringa de Cuba. The site, accessible only within the island, uses this domain name:

A year ago, Univision notes, the government launched its own "Cuban Wikipedia" called EcuRed, that tells its own version of, well, everything.
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